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Nettleton Insights - February 9, 2011

February 9, 2011

Quote of the Week - "Gentlemen, it is better to have died a small boy........than to fumble THIS football" - John Heisman 

"Nettleton Insights" shares information coming across our desktops with our clients and friends.  We encourage you to share this report with your friends and associates. Your comments are welcome at info@nettstrategies.com.

Free Diving with Great Whites

In case you need a little more excitement in your life, perhaps free diving with great white sharks in Baja California at Guadalupe Island would take care of that urge.  Fortunately for your loved ones, the providers of this video are not offering the opportunity commercially.

Meeting Jane Goodall in Abu Dhabi

While attending a recent environmental data conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Carl Nettleton had a chance to meet Jane Goodall.  Dr. Goodall wowed the crowd with her encouraging talk about teaching environmental education to students.  She tells students to reach for the stars. "Even if you don't make the stars, you might make the moon!" she said.  Dr. Goodall is internationally respected for her research work with chimpanzees in Africa and has extended that work to environmental education.

San Diego Lead Task Force Honored by USEPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has honored the Lead Poisoning Prevention Citizen’s Advisory Task Force for ensuring the protection of children from the threat of lead-based paint and dust in San Diego.

Presidential Primary Updates Available at IVN 

The Independent voter Network (IVN.us) publishes a daily update about the status of the presidential candidates as well as other political news.  With the new California Open Primary coming up in June, IVN's parent, the Independent Voter Project, has published an open primary guide for voters and a guide for candidates.  The candidate guide is extremely timely since the filing period for candidates opens on February 13 and, for the first time, candidates in the June primary are not officially affiliated with parties but only indicate their party preference, if any.

Solar Zones Suggested to Encourage Industry Growth

A San Francisco venture capital firm has suggested that creating solar zones could spur development of the solar industry.

Forbes Criticizes Wall Street Journal Climate Coverage

A recent Forbes article takes on the Wall Street Journal for editorial bias when writing about climate change. 

San Diego Visioning Deadline Extended

The deadline for the San Diego Foundation's visioning process (Show Your Love for a Greater San Diego Vision) has been appropriately extended to Valentines Day, February 14, 2012.

Study Finds Emissions Reporting Ups Stock Value

U.C. Davis study has found that the stock value of public companies goes up when they disclose green house emissions and carbon reduction strategies.

Growth Council Releases 2012-2014 Plan

The State of California's Strategic Growth Council has released its Strategic Plan 2012-2014. The plan calls for "a profoundly different" future than the past.

Reports Say Iran Electricity to Go to Iraq and Others

According to reports on the Global Energy Network Institute website, agreements to move electricity from Iran to Iraq have been been made by those nations.  Another report says that Iran will be sending electricity to the European Union through a new electricity line passing through Armenia and Georgia.  A power line to Russia is also being considered.


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