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Nettleton Strategies’ multi-faceted range of services helps clients visualize and achieve their goals in a cost-effective and efficient manner through:

CommunicationsTaking advantage of Nettleton Strategies’ key expertise and experience in communications allows stakeholders and audiences to gain insight, trust and relationships necessary for success.

  • Writing
  • Media relations
  • Speaking
  • Translating issues into understandable terms and images making them easier to resolve
  • Creating and delivering compelling presentations
  • Developing communications strategies to effectively reach required audiences

ConnectionsWe provide key introductions to the people we know you need to know to successfully achieve your goals.

  • Government relations
  • Business leaders
  • Non-profit leaders
  • Academia

Facilitation.  Building and maintaining relationships is a hallmark of Nettleton Strategies LLC. We provide our clients with the following facilitation services to help develop those relationships:

  • Facilitating group sessions to identify action-oriented and prioritized solutions
  • Implementing joint fact finding processes to evaluate current status and reach agreement on future options
  • Strengthening relationships between people and groups necessary for organizational success

Analysis.  Nettleton Strategies utilizes advanced geographic information systems (GIS) services along with traditional analysis of data and information to leverage solutions to business and policy issues. Implementation of these analytical strategies is useful to improving communications and finding solutions. They include:

  • Modeling geographic events, land use, and environmental change
  • Visualizing future scenarios for public and analytical use
  • Analyzing institutional structures to promote productivity and improve decision making

InsightGiven the breadth of experience and the depth of knowledge available through Nettleton Strategies, our firm can provide you with the insight you need to move forward.




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