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An Initial Assessment

A Problem Review Session to Determine Your NeedsYou know you have a problem that needs to be solved or an opportunity that needs to be explored. But can you clearly define it? Can you see the range of approaches to resolving it or are you stuck on an approach that seems to go nowhere?

  • Maybe you feel like you need to retain an advocate to present your case to government, but don’t know who to ask or what they should be doing.
  • Perhaps you would like your organization’s image to be polished or your brand to be established, but don’t know where to start to define that image.
  • Are you looking for a way to link your organization with the sustainable strategies that have become mainstream and you don’t want your firm to be left behind?

You can start with Nettleton Strategies! We will provide a simple and cost-effective entrée to develop the strategies you need for action – a facilitated problem review session of up to four hours with key leaders of your organization where you will achieve the following objectives:

  • A clear assessment of the status of the issue/opportunity at hand,
  • Initial identification of the options available to resolve the issue or take advantage of the opportunity,
  • An assessment of the known obstacles to success, and
  • Development of a strategic path to begin implementing the option(s) chosen.

The short readable report we provide will allow you to determine the options you wish to explore so you can weigh the political, financial, and or personnel costs of each. The report will also allow you to effectively communicate your options to your audiences.

To arrange an appointment to discuss this simple and cost-effective first step, contact Nettleton Strategies:

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