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Survey Results: When Will the Pandemic End?

20200821 Pandemic Survey Word Cloud.png

Between August 7 and August 20, 2020, readers of The Nett Report and others on social media were invited to participate in a survey that asked the following three questions:

  • When do you think the pandemic will be over, and we will get back to normal?
  • When will we be able to attend group gatherings like sporting events, movies, concerts, etc.?
  • What do you think needs to be done to end the pandemic?

The survey is not scientific or statistically relevant, but draws on a group that Nettleton Strategies considers to be well-informed and who follow current affairs. There were 130 respondents. The results are provided below.

When do you think the pandemic will be over, and we will get back to normal?

This question was intended to capture the pulse of when the pandemic will be behind us. As you can see from the graphic, almost half (44%) think things will return to normal by the second half of 2021, a year away. 23% were more hopeful, thinking it will happen by the end of this year or in the first half of next. 33% think it will take longer, if ever, to return to normal.

20200821 Return to Normal.png

When will we be able to attend group gatherings like sporting events, movies, concerts, etc.?

Respondents were marginally more hopeful about when group gatherings will be allowed, with 47% thinking it will happen in the second half of 2021. Again, another group (24%) think it will happen sooner. 29% think it will be in 2022 or beyond, if ever. Note:the red numbers add up to 30% not 29%, but the math is accurate since the individual categories were rounded up but in total only add up to 29%.

20200821 Group Gatherings Allowed.png

What do you think needs to be done to end the pandemic?

Nettleton Strategies reviewed the open-ended text responses to this question and categorized how many mentioned certain kinds of solutions. For instance, any solution that required a government mandate or change in elected official was placed in the "Leadership or Political" category. "Personal Actions" were solutions that individuals take responsibility for themselves (i.e. wear your mask, wash your hands). The leadership category topped the list with 52% thinking that actions by leaders or the electorate are required. Next came vaccines at 47%, followed by personal actions at 28%. A full list of the responses is provided at the end of this blog. I recommend taking the time to scan through it.

20200821 Pandemic Solutions.png

Note: the word cloud at the top of this blog was created by analyzing all the words in the open-ended survey responses found below. 

Complete list of survey responses


  • Vaccine
  • Close everything again 4 6 weeks
  • Wear a Mask, national mandate. Realize it is about the whole and stop thinking in terms of the singular
  • Get politics out of this- both parties are equally at fault
  • Develop a vaccine, develop a reliable treatment (although this may be difficult since it causes things like fibrosis of the heart muscle and blood clots), get people to consistently wear masks PROPERLY whenever they are in contact with people outside of their household. There are too many people who are not taking this seriously which has resulted in the crisis that we are in.
  • Vaccine
  • Testing ...leadership....nationwide coordination....wear masks!!
  • We need a federal approach to this. We need everyone on the same page and executing the same strategy
  • People need to realize it’s not about their individual rights right now and get on board with wearing masks and social distancing. It’s bigger than each of us. It affects all of us. If we don’t pull together we’ll never get it under control. Vaccine or not! There also needs to be a consistent message and follow- through with federal, state and local governments. The message is so mixed right now, no one is listening!
  • Your question about getting "back to normal" is tricky as I think we will be back to a new normal sooner than back to where we were before the pandemic. That is if we will get back to where we were. To end the pandemic we must first be successful at controlling it. We must have a robust, science based plan that includes accurate testing and contact tracing. I think this can be balanced with strategic business openings. To end the pandemic, I believe we will need an effective vaccine that is widely implemented to a majority of the population.
  • A national mandate for masks or face shields. Automatic doors or foot hooks on all doors. A well planned nation wide release of the vaccine. A unified bi-partisan national message. A movement that makes mask wearing and vaccination patriotic.
  • People need to be socially distant, wear masks, wash their hands and clothing and stop acting like it is an affront to their freedoms.
  • Don't share your air. Elect public officials who will listen to public health officials and international colleagues and will courageously assume responsibility and accept short-term pain for long-term gain. Vote Encourage others to vote. Breathe and do the right thing for a just and equitable America every day.
  • 1. Extricate politics from the science (Good luck!). 2. Follow the science. 3. Easily available Testing, and quick results. 4. Effective vaccine - for ALL. (If you threaten the rest of our society, as an anti-vaccer you simply get to enjoy fewer of society's benefits.)
  • Continue to learn more about the intricacies of the virus and keep making changes that are supported by new science discoveries by learning more of this virus.
  • Unfortunately in the total absence if not negligent malpractice on the part of national leadership, rooted in the presence and actions of a completely ignorant, incompetent, and mentally impaired President, even effective local and regional actions are rendered ineffectual unless some national consensus emerges which can circumvent and neutralize the counterproductive influence of the Executive Branch. So, yes, neutralizing the influence of our Executive e branch for whatever remains of his term in office would be a precondition for things starting to get better.
  • Elect a competent leader who believes in science. Have a team that can provide leadership across the U.S. rather than incite division on key things like wearing a mask.
  • Politics need to be much less divisive, communities less polarized and people in general need to be much less self-centered. Arguing with each other has obviously not stopped the pandemic.
  • Develop rapid result testing that can be widely used throughout our society. Develop multiple low cost, effective treatments as the likelihood infection in so high.
  • Rapid testing results and widespread avail of over the counter tests. Large scale testing of ALL remedies in studies: including controversial remedies. More accurate COVID antibody tests.
  • Vaccine and wearing masks until numbers drop significantly
  • Coordinated federal, state, and local responses in testing, tracing, isolating, and closure/openings. Today is mindful of our SoCal wildfire response prior to 2007, when Cal Fire was only able to respond and today we are able to coordinate Fed/State/Local fire departments to respond to our emergencies. Same with Homelessness and housing... we need to coordinate our resources and expedite decisions.
  • Self isolate as much as possible; wear a mask when outside your residence
  • Massive testing and contract tracing to reduce outbreaks. This will allow us to avoid strict shelter in place/quarantine orders. But we will not be fully back to “normal” with big crowded events for quite some time. Those aren’t going to be feasible until we have a reliable vaccine and it has widespread adoption
  • A credible Vaccine made available to all students, health care workers, restaurant and grocery workers followed by all people 65+ or those with underlying health issues. Meanwhile we all do what we can to protect those most vulnerable
  • Vote trump out
  • To end the Covid 19 pandemic we need a vaccine that is available and accessible to everyone in the world. End of 2021 is an aspirational reach.
  • First get rid of the current USA President --- what is his name ???? Second bring the USA back as a world leader Third all of this will turn into the New Next Normal (N3)
  • Until a vaccine is developed and works we should be very careful about opening up our society as this virus will come back and bite us again. We need to be very careful in our opening up and going back to normal. This may be our new normal for some time not yet determined! Cheers
  • We need a vaccine. In the meantime: -everyone in the nation needs to wear a mask in situations where they are outside the home and cannot social distance. -tons of testing to isolate those who are infected and allow those who are not more freedom of movement. -more federal relief dollars: for cities and states; for individuals. -special focus on k-12 education: more funding to mitigate the disparities b/t rich and poor, and make sure every child has access to education. Hopefully some of this could be accomplished thru masks&testing by creating the conditions for many schools to reopen.
  • Aggressive testing, federal mandated mask wearing, appropriate infrastructure funding, one trusted hub of information and research that doesn't include politics, or the white house.
  • Improving cooperation, bridging and healing divides, creating common ground and common understanding
  • Live life, minimize crowded indoor congregations, this will resolve by herd immunity only.
  • Everyone needs to take this seriously and follow the actions that have already been outlined: wash hands often, wear masks, keep your 6 ft distance, no large gatherings, don’t go to bars or enclosed areas, and quarantine yourself if you are feeling sick . I believe we can reduce the numbers if and only if everyone follows these steps.
  • National requirements to wear masks and avoid putting people in crowds.
  • Total mask-wearing requirements, backed by strict enforcement and penalties, will at least get it under control. A vaccine will help keep it there. But it may never actually end, and may keep coming back indefinitely, like a more vicious form of flu.
  • A coordinated national testing and tracing strategy. It's all become so political and we watch as other countries quickly get a handle on things and not have the intense polarization of people.
  • Create, test for safety and implement a vaccination program
  • The sooner a vaccine is developed the better we all will be .
  • Vaccine
  • State and Federal government need to coordinate and provide unified policy direction based on emerging scientific data and free from political posturing. The mixed messages are confusing to the public and dilute the credibility of the experts.
  • 1. Persons need to wear masks within 6' of others, indoors (not outside) and be careful when in contact with others outside their "covid circle". 2. Need to complete development of a vaccine as herd immunity to a virus seems impossible.
  • My view is that a relevant vaccine must be developed, albeit I feel a bit under-educated on the subject as I believe that it has become such a political issue that it has become hard for me to sort through the facts
  • National mask-wearing mandate. No opening of schools without significant protections in place. Fines and sanctions for businesses and individuals violating orders. Getting Trump OUT OF OFFICE. Listening to health and science experts. Social media crackdown on misinformation and nutty theories being posted. Start the education campaign now to promote a vaccine when available to counteract the anti-vaxxer crowd.
  • Continue with required masks and social distancing. Continue to educate people of the need for masks and distancing. Vaccinate all when available.
  • Leadership at the federal level! The end to budget cuts at the federal level in critical areas like pandemic planning. The end of putting politics ahead of public health. Every citizen in this country working together toward a common goal of ending the pandemic . . . much like how our citizens worked together toward a common goal in WWII.
  • Our country needs to demand the Administration develop, implement, and enforce a strategic plan to: 1) create National Healthcare Equipment and Supplies Task Force responsible for maintaining inventory of health care equipment and supplies, collecting needs input from each U.S. 'command center', and distributing equitably with one system managing the entire nation; and 2) create one Universal Prevention Protocol for everyone to confidently follow; and 3) create one Request for Proposal open to anyone in the market to solve for an effective vaccine formula and a realistic manufacture and distribution plan to distribute equitably.
  • Unity
  • De-politicize the wearing of masks and attempt to get more people to wear them.
  • Leadership and direction at the Federal level is critical - this is a public health issue, not the political issue it's been made into. The politization has resulted in a non-scientific and chaotic Federal message/approach that has thwarted efforts by state and local officials trying to address the pandemic from a public health, and ultimately economic, standpoint.
  • Time and a vaccine.
  • An app needs to be created where people can anonymously report COVID positive tests and record their locations over the previous 14 days. And others can log in, self report their locations and then predict chances of being in contact with a person with COVID. We are missing the opportunity to harness the collective power of individuals looking out for themselves and one another. Our failure of being able to provide information due to HIPA laws and our tendency to look to a single source to provide the information is contributing greatly to our inability to stop this pandemic. Local EMTs who transport any patients with COVID-related symptoms should immediately distribute COVID test kids to all household residents or Multifamily common area users. Cities and local governments should be using CARES Act funding to distribute free PPE and face coverings via bulk mail with the USPS, as early and often as possible. Just as utility companies gave out free or reduced cost light bulbs when new technology was available, we should encourage utility companies to offer reduced cost or free air filters for air conditioning and heating units, encouraging the frequent changing and sanitation. Churches should be allowed to reopen, with restrictions as before, as they are part of the spiritual health of our community.
  • Everyone needs to be immunized and that will take at least a year. Only Biden/Harris can truly save us from this pandemic.
  • Need a Vaccine.
  • From what I've observed, the pandemic (which means worldwide) will likely not be over for several years. By next fall we may get it under some control in the U.S., through the use of vaccines and therapeutics (which look very promising at this point), but that is dependent upon people adhering to public health requirements and a central government providing the needed supplies, tests, and pharmaceuticals. And, this virus is so new, we don't know important information such as how long antibodies last or if and when it may mutate. The way things are going now, we just don't have the leadership or, sadly, the nationwide will to all come together for the common good. Normal is another thing. We may end up adopting masks as a normal part of our lives, as they do in China. Shaking hands may no longer be customary or even polite. Restaurant dining may be socially more distant than in the past; wait staff may be utilized differently; buffet dining may even be outlawed. Public and private buildings may be required to have windows that are operable. "New normal" is becoming a tired phrase, but I think it's accurate in that the "old normal" is probably history. I think outdoor events will come back sooner than indoor events. Social distancing measures may require different seating configurations in all venues. Air filtration systems will need to be installed. And people will need to learn to play nicely with one another, in the stands and on the field, court, or course. To end the pandemic we need to vote in November. I can't see anything other than continued chaos, and mental health issues on a massive scale, if leadership continues as it is. Beyond that, science and medicine and care for one another will end the pandemic. I hope.
  • Get the people who are not willing wear masks and distance from others to cooperate and not be so selfish and short sighted. Get people in Government to agree ( GOP and DEMS) that we need to fight this virus together and stop playing partisan politics
  • Listen to the epidemiologists and follow as their recommended protocols until a vaccine can be fully developed and distributed throughout the population.
  • Mandate the wearing of masks in public. It is the most helpful step that will garner the most compliance and provide the most assurance for society to return to near-normal.
  • Follow CDC guidelines to slow extent And spread until vaccine and treatment becomes widely available
  • Vaccine Responsible people who follow the safety guidelines
  • Widespread testing, contact tracing, and vaccinations.
  • Will only end when there is a vaccine and when enough of the world population has been vaccinated.
  • First question is tricky. I don't think we will ever return to where we were - and I do think the pandemic will end in the first half of next year IF we find our way to a National Strategy for it. Very tough to answer. To end the pandemic - a national strategy that addresses the complexities of social, economic, and health issues. It could end quickly with full support.
  • When everyone is able to get a vaccine.
  • I wish I were sure it would end. It needs to be taken seriously — and taken out of the political arguments surrounding masks, etc. if a true vaccine is developed, maybe we’ll have it controlled by 2022. Right now it seems the best defense is wearing a mask in public. I appreciate that stores won’t let people shop without a mask. I’m concerned about the virus mutating. Sorry — this a very rambling comment!
  • Strong leadership in the world who can speak the truth, and tell the world what the hell really happened, and to tell us the truth behind this fabricated biological attack. For our own sake, we need to work together in smaller communities to educate ourselves, prepare, and drive the new norm. We cannot let the powerful elites of this nation and of this world try to rule over us and kill our liberties. If our governments cannot do the job of getting us back on our feet, then they don't deserve to have a political seat anymore. Let's propose less and less political bodies just warming up seats and restructure our governments systems, so we don't have puppets voting on issues and propositions that are going to continue to hurt our economies, our homes, our households, and income. Enough is enough!
  • Vaccine. (plus get a new administration that believes in science)
  • Using the space to suggest that I think it will be around summertime 2021 when the worst is behind us and we eyehole are heading back to a refined version of normal.
  • Release a vaccine that works.
  • People overall need to remain vigilant of their surroundings and always practice the BIG 3. 1) Social Distance 6ft 2) Wash your hands frequently throughout the day 3) Wear a face mask. I'm not sure if people are getting lazy or feel it is some sort of a conspiracy but we would be in a much better place today if we all were practicing the BIG 3 every day.
  • 1. Mandatory mask wearing 2. More testing and contact tracing 3. A vaccine that works 4. A new President who doesn’t politicize the virus, but listens to the scientists
  • Develop an effective and safe vaccine, and build trust with the American public and global communities to the point that enough people take the vaccine the virus can be diminished enough to allow societies to resume "normal" activities.
  • The first thing that needs to happen is to get someone with a brain in the White House so he/she can listen to the scientists and knowledgeable people and point this country in the right direction. The lack of leadership in this crisis is mind blowing. Living in a state with a governor that took drastic steps mid March to shut down businesses has had a positive effect on this state (Colorado).
  • The US must change leadership in both the Administration and Congress. Such a fundamental change will not happen till January 2021. The policy and leadership of national control of measures to counter the pandemic much revert back to the CDC and the science community. A far-reaching PR campaign to promote best practice must be effectively presented to the American public via clever ads, believable spokespeople, and thoughtful encouragement. The partisan bickering over science policy and faultfinding must be silenced by public pressure in response to this PR campaign. A crisis-level government directed and funded program to develop, test, and provide a vaccine to all the American public must be established ASAP. The public must be credibly encouraged to follow all best practices until a cure to this virus is found and applied.
  • 1. Unquestionably a change in the White House. As long as Trump is Prez, we will be mired in this mess. Look at other countries (NZ, S Korea, etc.) - it proves it is possible to overcome the coronavirus with good, strong leadership. If the Dems prevail in this Nov. election, they don't take office till Jan. 2021, so it will take another 4-6 months to turn this country around as regards coronavirus. I also anticipate a change in the White House will open up more channels for better public health research for treatments and vaccines, as they will put more gov't $ into research than currently committed. And finally, a strong leader to tell people to put their damn masks on will make a big difference quickly.
  • We need instant, cheap, self-administered testing. Everyone should test themselves when they brush their teeth in the morning (or some other daily hygiene task). And of course, we need a vaccine. But in the absence of an effective vaccine (or availability of one, since it'll take a while to scale up), daily testing and better, more proactive treatments to reduce the severity of the infection, is what will get us returning to normal.
  • National science based effort.
  • The pandemic may actually get worse as virus mutates. We have to figure out how to live in a new normal. The old normal is not coming back.
  • Leadership. The absolute simplest mitigation is wearing a mask. Yet, we as a society can't even agree on that. The Greatest Generation got thru the depression and WWII by coming together and sacrificing for the good of the whole. We don't have the discipline to do that or at least the leadership to try. You hear a lot of comparisons to the 1918 flu pandemic. I think it's better to look at the polio pandemic of the late 1940's where science, government, and society were all on the same page. If you like history, I suggest a podcast called "Hope Through History" by Jon Meacham about how leaders dealt with polio, the 1918 pandemic, the depression, and the Cuban missile crisis.
  • Vaccine mass production and equitable distribution.
  • Administer a reliable 'Worldwide Vaccine' that addresses various Corona Virus 'Mutations'. A Global Organization to oversee 'Collaboration of Nations' on pandemic prevention, protection & solutions. Strict worldwide rules & enforcement of animal-to-human virus transmissions. A Global Stockpile of PPE.
  • Either get rid of republicans or develop a vaccine. Short of that, the feds need to establish a national program with standardized procedures for testing, tracing, reporting, mitigation, etc., with financial incentives for states to follow these procedures. Use the defense production act to produce and provide states with the products they need to follow these procedures.
  • Wear masks, wash your hands, faster test results, contact tracing, shut down the small areas with outbreaks for 14 days, have a federal policy and leadership. I think the United States is a laughing stock on how it has handled COVID -- 170,000 dead! Pathetic and callous.
  • The pandemic has turned political. Both sides are trying to derive a political benefit from the shutdown/closures/etc. While the original modeling was indeed alarming, Covid has not proved to be the virus which overwhelmed the healthcare system. For those who have underlying health issues, Covid is dangerous. The $64,000 question is: have all the protocols, shutdowns and restrictions been worth the economic devastation to the national/world economy?
  • A vaccine is necessary and broad vaccination required otherwise we will forever be fighting sporadic outbreaks and public confidence will be low.
  • We need the Trump Administration to step up on testing and tracing, especially in areas where the virus is just emerging; confidence that the administration is not short-cutting vaccine testing (which means no vaccine this year) to prevent giving the anti-vaxxer movement any greater foothold; a national mask mandate, which scientists say is key to flattening the curve; and financial support to state governments and to families who have lost jobs due to COVID-19. With the best scientists in the world, the US has failed.
  • To end it - you either lock down everything for 4 weeks, or we wait for the credible vaccine and get most people inoculated.
  • The million dollar question...... Be smart about how we interact in the future. Take precautions as needed. Stay/be healthy. Your guess is as good as mine. Who knows!
  • leadership from the federal government, too coordinate all the states supply chain and get everyone on the same page.
  • Better pandemic management. Enhanced public confidence in the medical system. A vaccination.
  • When we have a serious and focused lockdown with good testing and tracing to begin eliminating the virus.
  • 1. Have stay at home orders countrywide for a month. 2. Quarantine all incoming travelers for 2 weeks. 3. Have a national mandatory mask mandate.
  • sCIENCe!
  • Everything you said plus keeping people from complacency. Apparently people think that they need to see certain people or do certain things because it's a risk they're willing to take because this has gone on so long, but they need to be reminded that the consequence for doing that could mean they never get to see that person or do that thing again. People need to practice patience. I'm in my early 30's and the most risky people I know are all 45+.
  • people need to take it seriously.
  • 1) stop making it a political issue. 2) Listen to the scientists, not only on the development of a vaccine, but on alternative treatments, 3) focus on high risk spaces such as public transportation, to make them safe (forcing social distancing, face mask use, access to hand washing, disinfecting continuously) 4) Opening up the economy by Focusing on high risk populations to keep them safe (Elderly, people with illness, homeless, disabled).
  • In the next six months, much greater testing and tracing, and responsible social distancing. In early 2021, mass production and distribution of an effective vaccine.
  • Mask and social distancing seem to be helping. It just needs enforced otherwise. This virus could be 200M infected. 10M die from Covid
  • Fire the current "leader" and allow the person in charge who is a-political and only concerned with solutions that help get this under control.
  • Have a much broader recognition and acceptance that we are in a worldwide pandemic... that is heavy concentrated in locations like the USA, where we still don't all wear masks and socially distance... and continue supporting those efforts to develop an effective vaccine!
  • The election to be over.
  • We have had several pandemics in my lifetime. The issue is usually society finding a "framework" to work within the new realities of said pandemic. I think that will happen by year's end.
  • 1 - I'm optimistic that a vaccine will be available by the end of this year which will enable significant reduction but it will never be eradicated. 2 - Improved public health track & trace systems which become the norm in society, erosion of personal freedoms but faster suppresion of outbreaks. 3 - Wastewater epidemiology shows promise to play a new role in detecting RNA and other viral particles in the sewerage system and screening of localised outbreaks. 4 - Public meeting places such as sports stadiums and concert halls will need to be redesigned to improve hygiene and social distancing measures.
  • A plan! There is a lack of information floating around. This pandemic was presented in a way that scared some, confused others and upset a large group. Many people are going to continue to suffer because of this. Almost to the point of a mental diagnosis. If we can find someone in a position of power that can be trusted, they can present a plan that helps individuals understand what is going on and when it will hopefully be controlled/monitored. But until then, the news is dangerous and spouts out statistics that people don't understand. As a result, it is affecting the economy, education system and mental health of individuals of all ages.
  • We need a National strategy with strong efforts in contact tracing.
  • Get a vaccine.
  • I don't think we'll get back to normal, I believe this is our new "normal". Although many people think wearing a mask is political statement, until you have someone close to you die from it, you won't understand that a simple mask could protect others from the same fate. I believe we need better leadership to help us through this pandemic and we need to take a step back and look at what other countries have done to bring their cases down to zero. The sad truth is that this pandemic is not going away without a vaccine, and people are so tired of being stuck at home, that they are slowly resuming their normal activites. That being said, we can't stop living our lives, but we do need to take the proper precautions to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy.
  • Everyone agree to follow guidlines as they did in other places! Rebelliousness has been instailled at the highest level so it may be impossible.
  • Mask use should be mandatory.
  • Consistent nationwide minimum requirements. IE. masks, social distancing
  • Have people follow the rules, wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain distance. Once we have more testing available to everyone, it is accurate and have results within 24 hours, we will be able to pinpoint carriers and stop the spread. The vaccine will make a world of difference.
  • a national strategy, Biden win
  • Response to #1 I think cv 19 will be with us for the remainder of our lifetime. It will be something that we’ll learn to treat better and maybe some form of a vaccination will prove effective. #2 If we can fly on an airplane why can’t we go to church, movies or other venues using the same protocol.
  • We need consistent leadership from the government. Rules, rules that everyone needs to abide by. I think we may need a full lockdown again as a restart. People need to listen to the experts.
  • National Leadership - allowing the Medical experts lead the directives instead of the politics. A national mask mandate, learn to wash hands, and physical distancing to the best of your ability. As a nation we are very entitled and only want what we want with little regard for what is good for the whole. Until the politics of the politics is removed we will not see reclining numbers of CoVid 19, for another year at this rate.
  • A vaccine. Also, regardless of election results, Donald Trump needs to stop sowing discontent among the never-mask-wearers. They are prolonging the pain.
  • respect and consideration of others.
  • One can only speculate on when we will return to "normal". the scientists have told us what we need to do to flatten the curve and stop the spread. not all segments of society have chosen to follow the recommendations. the pandemic and the social justice unrest has fostered a cottage industry of pundits writing about what life will be like post pandemic. some say there will be dramatic change, others say subtle change and still others say no change. and some say all of the above and others say non of the above. at this point it is pure speculation. much has been written about the future of cities, while they continue, will they be abandoned? what has not happened is that the pandemic and the social justice situation has not uncovered any new issues they have just put a spotlight on the issues we have not fully addressed. the question is will we do what needs to be done? and then continue to address climate change? i think this time we might collectively move forward.
  • The first and most important step is to elect Biden by an overwhelming margin.
  • An effective vaccine needs to be made widely available, and hopefully after early adopters demonstrate that it indeed works, other skeptics will also get the vaccine.
  • Yet more testing, much better contact tracing, a US-wide policy that sets standards based on science, perhaps with stricter rules in states with high rates. (E.g., no schools should open, unless it's for younger grades and they are being taught outside). We reopened too soon. If we really wanted to quash this thing, we should return to lockdown for a month. We clearly won't end this across the country (even if states like Vermont do better) until we have a vaccine.
  • Wearing masks, social distancing, banning mass gatherings, and increasing funding for medical research. Oh, and changing the President.
  • LIsten to the advice of our most respected and informed medical advisors
  • we need to push for a vaccine and continue the quarantining
  • All the things the experts say, in spades: masking (a national mandate), physical distancing, testing and contact tracing, vaccine, treatments. Probably another shutdown in targeted areas where community spread is high/growing. But this country's political divide and malignant individualism makes this impossible.
  • vaccine or almost martial law 15 day shutdown of country
  • More people need to get the virus AND enough of the population needs to be inoculated so that we reach 50%+ herd immunity.
  • Develop one or more highly effective vaccines and then vaccinate a majority of the world's population
  • vaccination!
  • a vaccine needs to be available and accessible for everyone

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